Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Elissa Kindridge has recently moved away from her family in Wintergloss City to reside in Moonlight Falls. She knows nobody, only her cat Jinkies, but she's excited to be away from her hometown. Perhaps there are lots of negatives she could be looking at, like how she's going to pay the bills when she doesn't have a job. But she's away from her messed up family and, thanks to an uncle of hers, she now owns her own home. She's got a fresh start, and she's going to enjoy it!
Finding the beautiful warm air refreshing from the biting coldness of Wintergloss, she decides to play outside with Jinkies. The roads were much busier back at home, and Jinkies never got into trouble there, so Elissa figures that Jinkies's smart enough to survive outside here too. Jinkies is normally an rather independent cat, but she deeply misses her brother Jeepers, who passed a few weeks ago and dealing with the sudden move to a new town made her a little insecure. So instead of sprinting around the yard chasing birds and bugs like normal, she's wailing for affection from the one familiar face she knows here.

However, when she notices the unfamiliar male walking on the sidewalk, she hisses and runs back from Elissa and into the house.
"Usually animals don't hate me that much, actually I'm such an animal in the sack the pussy's running towards me!" The man quips, his deep baritone voice startling Elissa out of her thoughts. Blushing, she fights her desire to run inside along with her cat. "I have to be polite to the neighbours, even if this one is a bit more...interesting then the males back home." She tells herself, ignoring the fact that he is making her feel all tingly when he spoke. In fact, if she wasn't so quiet, she would probably be giggling like a little girl.
"Erm, she's a bit confused by the move, and being already a feisty cat..." She trails off, her voice quivering a little at the end.

He saunters over, and Elissa could feel her blush going up to her ears.
"You don't have to be scared of me darling, I'm as cuddly as a teddy bear." Despite herself, she giggles.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to-uh, I mean, I'm just shy, you're not scary. Actually, you're kinda hot. Oops, I really didn't mean to say that out loud!" Elissa wrings her hands nervously, looking down at the ground. That was really forward of her. "It's just so hard to think when his eyes are looking at me like that!" She thinks to herself, trying to justify that huge mistake. But when she makes herself look back up, he's struggling to contain his laughter.

"You're just too much! Compared to the other bimbos that are slobbering all over me, you're just a doll." Elissa doesn't know whether she should take that as a compliment or not, so she just smiles at him and looks at those gorgeous blue eyes of his again.

"Well, I happen to think you're really smokin',  you're the quintessential at that natural beaut thing." Her face goes beet red, she's been called pretty a few times but this is something else entirely.
"Really? And it's beauty, not beaut..." She wishes she had just shut up, she sounded like a complete fool.
"Darling, it's not the words we speak, it's the meaning behind them. I've never been a real eloquent guy, but I know a catch when I see one. Anyway I'm going to be at Casa De Le Vamps tonight, or something like that, the name's long and foreign, and I would love to get to know you and your tight ass a bit better. Hon, you know you want to date the hotness that is Blair Ellmore."

"Erm, I dunno." Elissa's shyness gets in the way again, she doesn't really know this guy and he's much bolder then any other guy she's ever met. How can they really get along?
"I know I'm not your typical type babe, but I'll rock your world. But we'll take it easy tonight if you want, I'm not a man-whore or anything." Elissa wonders if her cheeks were even allowed to be that hot, with all the blushing she was doing. A small part of her, the part of her that her family always repressed, kind of wanted to live a little. She was always told as a kid what not to do, and now that she has the chance to be somebody new over here, she might as well try it. Besides, like Blair pretty much said, who can say no to the hotness?

Making up her mind, she leans over to kiss him, ignoring the voice that's saying she's just doing exactly what he wants. She knows he's a player, but she's tired of being safe and boring. At least for tonight. Maybe he's just using that, but she doesn't really care right now
"Whoa, not so fast, you can't get the lips without the date." His grin is infectious, but she isn't swayed. She musters up a bit of sauciness from deep within, and she just decided to go for it.
"Just one little one? It's been a while since I've had a kiss, e-especially from somebody so hot." She's amazed that she barely stuttered all at, her heart is thumping wildly as his baby soft lips softly caress hers. She's a bit inexperienced, but he knows exactly what he's doing. Caught up in the moment, he quickly fondles her ass, and she nearly falls over in fright.
"Sorry dear, couldn't help it. I'll pick you up at 7, and you'll see more of where that came from." She shudders in both relief and despair as he leaves, unsure if she's making the best or worse decision in her life to go out with him.

Elissa arrives at Casa Vamp, the hottest bar there is. Apparently. But it's a ghost town in here, which is odd for a Saturday night.
"A friend of mine rented out the bar for us for free for the night, she owes me a favour or two." Blair smirks, and Elissa shakes her head. She's definitely not dealing with a one man guy. So why is she here? She wants marriage and babies and love, not a one night stand.

"Darling, why are you just standing there? I'll get the music going, the drinks flowing, and we'll be grooving!" Blair's voice has a slight slur to it already, so she knows he's been drinking already. Never touching alcohol before, this makes Elissa feel super uncomfortable. It's almost like she's back in high school, stuck reading while her sisters are throwing yet another frat party at the house. She just doesn't belong.
"Blair, I just don't know about this. I'm not really into this bar scene stuff, and I'm not really a party animal like you. I just think you could do better with somebody who's a bit more outgoing and stuff, I'll just be a kill joy."
"But babe-"
"I'll just walk home, you enjoy yourself. I appreciate the invite though." She's about to turn around and leave, but Blair is too swift.

"Come on babe, just have a drink or two. I won't force you to stay if you really hate me, but Saffron did me this favour and I really would like to get to know you." He sounds sincere, and Elissa knows she shouldn't trust a player, but she can't help herself. She walks over, shutting up the voice that telling her that she's an idiot, and picks up a drink.

"There we go! Let's party!" Blair exclaims, while picking up a drink of his own. He doesn't take a sip, but Elissa doesn't notice. She's busy getting drunk off her ass as she has drink after drink. Never having a drink before, she's feeling amazing right now. It's like she's floating on an cloud of inebriation!

"Let's daaaance!" She slurs happily. The music is pumping, her shyness has completely disappeared, and she's with the hottest guy in the-wait, why isn't he dancing?

"Damn, you're hot in that dress"  He exclaims, and grabs her butt again. Completely inebriated, she merely giggles this time, and drags him over to her makeshift dance floor. He just shakes his head though.
"Wah, what's wrong, dontcha wanna dance?" He whispers something soft in her ear, and her face turned red.
"That sho-sounds goooood, but why no tanc-dancing?" He points to the staircase in the other room, and winks suggestively. Giggling, she wobbles down the stairs, hoping she doesn't fall down.

"Whoooooooa, this place! It is pretty shweet! Where isss the bed though?" Elissa exclaims, throwing her arms up in the air. Unfortuntely for Elissa, she's never had the best balance normally, and being drunk just makes it a hundred times worse. So she nearly falls over, the wedding arch saving her from a nasty spill. While she's distracted with staying upright, the minister has a few words for Blair.
"Are you sure about this? You can't take it back." Blair nods, his smile gone for the first time that night.

"We'll skip the traditional diagolue, just say a bit of the standard stuff." Blair says to the minister.
"You really aren't sho smart, are you hot s-stufff? You just wanna get to that kissing bu-business!" She laughs a little too hard at her own joke, and Blair swallows nervously.
"Will you take this woman to be your beloved wife?" The minister says, his words as solemn and serious as possible.
"I do." Blair says, trying to smile at this drunken girl. He knows he's fucking up her life, and usually he doesn't feel bad about this sort of stuff. But she wasn't like the others he's screwed with, he only got her to do this because of her naivety, not because she wanted anything from him.

"Wha? Well, o-of courseee! You'll be my wif-I mean my husband!" She slurred happily, only able to see the hotness in front of her and none of the consequences that follow. She sloppily kissed him, her inexperienced lips and drunkiness making a wet mess out of everything. He doesn't care though, he's had much worse, and he's able to stay in Moonlight Falls now.

"The house is a lil-little bit brok-uh-rundown" Elissa slurs, still tipsy even though it's the next morning. "Is all I can afford. But sho-you should like it, the bed is shweet. It's a twee-tw-tree bed!" She giggles for a while, then stops when he just stares at her. "You're no-not happy, are you? Well, you sho-should not have marrrried me then! I-I knew I would we-regret this."

Sensing that she's starting to get a bit more sober, he knows it's time for him to put on the charming personality that makes every girl melt. "Don't worry about it darlin', I'm sexy enough to make this house shine. Yowza!" She falls into him, her balance still completely screwed up. He takes the opportunity to kiss her worries away, the slight sloppiness from her half drunken state almost adds to the hotness of their smooching to him. Even half drunk, Elissa puts her foot down when he goes under her shirt and feels up her boobs.
"I-I'm not a slut! Just, just come in and kettle down, I mean settle down."

They walk in, and Blair can't disguise his disgust. He looks dispassionately at the peeling walls, the rotting floorboards, and the smell of cat feces. Elissa can't help but notice, even through her drunken haze, and tears start running down her face. Her face turns a splotchy red, from both embarrassment and anger.
"Well, damn you for judging me! You-you are a jerk! My parents kicked me out, and no places that rented around here would allow pets. I can't live without my kitt-ki-cat! You should have peeked through the f-freaking window before carry-marrying me!" Her voice cracks painfully as she screams, kind of realizing for the first time that this wasn't a dream.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it's just, fuck, you weren't kidding when you said this house was a shithole." Foot in mouth, for all his charisma and a gusto, he doesn't know how to make a girl stop crying.
"Oh shut up you ego-egotistic prick!" He tries to put his hand on her shoulder, but she flinches. "Don't touch me, that's what led to this mess! Just- just go the fuck, ugh, just go away! I need to sleep this off and think!" Half sober now, she runs into the room and starts to cry. Unwilling to leave, he kneels down and pets the cat. The cat sniffs him hesitantly, and then rubs up against him. Blair sighs to himself, wondering if he can even make this work.


  1. This legacy looks like it will be interesting. Nothing like a shotgun wedding to start the drama off early. Can't wait to see how their relationship progresses.

    And the kitty is gorgeous.

  2. Thank you :) I admit that the kitty is a heavily modified version of a kitty found on Modthesims, I forget which one. But I like the way she turned out even if she isn't 100% original :P Elissa's 100% original, and Blair is a HEAVILY modified version of a randomized townie I found. Basically he's like the 5th edition XD

    Anyway, glad you like it so far :)

  3. Very interesting start! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

  4. Wow, Blair's a bit cocky, and I really don't like the way he got Elissa to marry him... Hmm...

  5. Yeah, Blair is definitely not a perfect guy. But Elissa has her own imperfections that will spring up too :)

    And yeah, if I met Blair in real life, I would probably want to slap him xD

  6. Wow, this is so random! I like it :p

    Can't wait to see how they get along when they actually know each other haha

  7. Oh boy. What a start. Not sure how Elissa fell for his lame one liners!! I guess it doesn't hurt that he sure is pretty. I'm excited for the tension that is sure to follow! :D